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Repair & Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance Contracts

For efficient, high-quality service, your Manufacturing facility needs to run smoothly. But dust and wear and tear all take their toll on your equipment. If you need dust collection system repair, grain equipment and collection system maintenance, or another type of repair or maintenance service for your facility’s equipment, our team at Lapp Millwright LLC in PA is ready to assist.

Our Repair Services

Mechanical equipment will eventually break down, even if your company carefully follows all maintenance instructions. But a full replacement is generally expensive, and it may not even be necessary. At Lapp Millwright LLC, our team is experienced and able so you can get your equipment back in full working order with minimal impact on your facility.

In addition, we emphasize our dust collector repair services, which are uniquely useful to manufacturing facilities because it helps protect your staff and equipment.

Our Maintenance Services

With the right maintenance team and schedule, your equipment can easily last its full expected lifecycle. And at Lapp Millwright LLC, we will help you create an effective maintenance plan, from general maintenance to preventative measures.

If you need dust collection system repair and filter maintenance, contact our team at (717) 865-3521. Our team in PA boasts 20+ years of experience, and we offer free estimates and labor discounts.

Custom Inspections

  • Accessory information (rotary valve, screw conveyor, etc.)
  • Blower inlet and outlet static readings
  • Bearing temperatures
  • Belt and chain inspections
  • Check and grease air pumps
  • Cleaning systems (shaker or pulse) 
  • Collector airflow (CFM and FPM) 
  • Collection container level
  • Compressed air pressure and quality 
  • Filter pressure drop (arriving /leaving)
  • Gasket condition check and sizing
  • Grease applicable bearings
  • Motor electrical readings (ohms and running)    
  • Oil levels in gearboxes 
  • Slide gate and drum cover condition
  • Tube sheet inspection (where applicable) 

As-Necessary Items

  • Adjust belt and chain tension
  • Adjust cleaning system 
  • Adjust main damper and airflow
  • Replace gaskets

Extra Options

  • Annual complete system evaluation
  • Annual diaphragm rebuild
  • Efficient air service air systems 
  • Perform Visolite leak test
  • Scheduled solenoid replacement
  • System airflow balance
  • Include scheduled filter change — once, annually or custom

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