Preventative Maintenance Programs

Regularly maintaining your dust collector system is essential for smooth operations and safety. With our Preventative Maintenance Program, you ensure your system supports, not hinders, your business.

When you can identify the issues early on, you prevent costly downtime and maintain peak efficiency. Neglecting maintenance risks reduced performance, increased energy costs, safety hazards, and more. Furthermore, dust buildup can lead to combustible environments and health concerns.

Our experts target critical components like blowers, airlocks, and filters, which require consistent care. You don’t want to run the risk damaging the reputation of your business or facing costly repairs. Regular maintenance saves you money, time, and resources. Even more, it promotes safety and efficient productivity.

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What Kinds of Benefits Come from Preventative Maintenance?

A Preventative Maintenance Program for your dust collector system provides numerous valuable advantages. It makes sure your system supports your operations, not hinders them. 

By spotting and resolving issues early, the program...

Stops downtime in its tracks

Saving you from costly interruptions.

Frees you and your team to excel in your core skills

Boosting your productivity and earnings,

Gives you extra time for your strengths

While we keep your dust collector in prime shape.

Saves you money

Because it makes filters last longer and mitigates the need for premature replacements.

Streamlines your maintenance process

Having your collector details in our system makes ordering parts easy, reducing operational disruptions.

We Make A Preventative Maintenance Program Simple

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We will then be able to provide you with a quote to include you in our program.


When approved, our team puts you on the schedule for regular servicing.


Our team regularly services and your team enjoys the prevention of major repairs!

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What components need preventative maintenance?

If you want peak performance out of your dust collection system, it must be regularly maintained. This is especially important for the…
  • Blower
  • Airlocks
  • Pulse valves
  • Filter cleaning system
  • Air pump
  • Gearboxes
To maintain your filter, rely on the magnahelic gauge. This measures the pressure difference between clean and dirty air sides. If your system lacks this gauge, it’s wise to install one for accurate readings.
This approach ensures filters are cleaned or changed precisely when needed, optimizing system efficiency and prolonging filter lifespan. Trusting these maintenance practices guarantees that your collection system functions at its best, reducing downtime and enhancing overall performance.

Can We Do Preventative Maintenance Ourselves?

Certainly, your team can handle preventative maintenance themselves, which can work well in certain cases. However, as time passes and new employees join, dust collection equipment often gets overlooked. Having a dust collection expert on a regular schedule ensures optimal system performance.

Regular maintenance is particularly crucial for several key parts of the dust collection system. Components such as belts, bearings, gearmotors, chains and sprockets, pulse valves, filters, solenoids, and switches require consistent attention. These elements play essential roles in the system’s operation. Their regular upkeep ensures smooth functioning.

By focusing on these critical areas, you can extend the lifespan of your dust collection system and avoid unexpected breakdowns. But let us put your mind at easy by helping you maintain a safe and efficient working environment.

Dust Collector Preventative Maintenance Programs in Lancaster County and Northeast PA

When you’re ready to improve your workplace and experience the advantages of our top-tier preventative maintenance program, reach out to Lapp Millwright. Say goodbye to uncertainty about your employees’ well-being and embrace a solution that boosts operational efficiency and financial outcomes. With over 6 years of experience creating tailored preventative maintenance programs, we’re committed to enhancing safety in facilities like yours. Allow us to partner with you in determining the ideal solution at the perfect value.

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Dust Collector Services We Offer

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Have a 100% custom system designed for your manufacturing plant's machinery and needs.

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Smoke & Fume Collection

A series of filters and separators, combined with proper ductwork, means smoke and fumes are properly removed.

Industrial Filters

No matter what filtration your system needs, we will make sure it's properly maintained or replaced!

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Get the experienced technicians and support you need when things aren't working properly or efficiently.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Avoid costly repairs and shop downtime with a regular maintenance program.

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