​​​Industrial Dust Collection Systems

Installing an efficient dust collection system should be a priority for small and large manufacturers and shops alike, whether the material being machined is wood, plastic, composite, or any other material that produces fine particles.

Not only is a quality industrial dust collection system essential for health and compliance with many national and local codes, but it’s also good business: efficient dust collection saves time, saves money, and helps to maintain the quality of the finished product.

The harmful health effects of inhaled particulates (many of which are carcinogens) are well-documented, and skin, eye, and nose problems as well as allergic reactions are frequently reported. In addition, a dusty shop increases the risk of worker injury and fire, which can result in lost production, higher insurance rates, and lawsuits.

If you’re wondering if your facility needs a dust collection system, we can help. Lapp Millwright has been installing and servicing custom dust collection systems for over 6 years and our team members have over 20 years of industry experience. We know local and national safety requirements, and we know what it will take to improve your business’ efficiency.

Learn how a dust collection system can transform your business, by calling Lapp Millwright today.

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What Kinds of Benefits Come from an Industrial Dust Collection System?

There are a variety of benefits to a comprehensive industrial dust collection system. For many manufacturers, safety is first and foremost. However, removing dust and particulates from the air isn’t just about safety, and there are significant financial advantages to having an industrial dust collection system. 

By every measure, an efficient dust collection system is an investment that pays for itself. Avoid costly shutdowns and keep your people working with a high-quality dust collection system. Lapp Millwright is your source for high-quality service, installation, and systems.

Safety Benefits of a Dust Collection System

Removing harmful particulates from the air

This is the most important and obvious benefit of dust collection, protecting your workers from health problems caused by inhaling particulates and reaching strict regional or national safety standards.

Reducing fire risk

Dust buildup can easily catch fire, and removing these larger particulates from the air reduces the risk of rapid combustion and fire in your facility.

Improving worker safety

In addition to the health hazards of airborne dust, dust buildup can be a slip-hazard. Keeping floors clean and free of debris helps to avoid accidents, slips, and falls associated with fine dust sheens and dust piles alike.

Quality and Cost-Saving Advantages from a Dust Collection System

Improved worker productivity and morale

In a clean environment, workers can breathe easy and focus on their jobs without worrying about their health. Your team will know their health is a priority, leading to increased productivity and greater morale.

A dusty shop compromises the quality of the finished product, too, including: accurate measurements and cuts can be more difficult due to lack of visibility, airborne dust finds its way into finishing areas causing defects in the final product, larger particles cling to surfaces cause scoring and other defects

Direct labor savings

Dust that is not automatically collected must be collected manually as a recurring direct labor expense, and manual dust collection frequently contributes to particulates in the air through ongoing disturbance.

Lowering insurance rates

An efficient dust collection system may even help to lower your commercial liability insurance and even healthcare rates by reducing the risk of fire and injury, including chronic illness, in your facility.

Reducing maintenance and replacement costs

Excess dust shortens the lifespan of equipment and systems by clogging moving parts, causing premature wear, and interfering with electronics. A good dust collection system will remove particulates before they can cause damage, saving you money on repairs and replacement costs.

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What to Look for in an Industrial Dust Collection System

When considering an industrial dust collection system for your facility, it’s important to factor in the needs of your facility and process, as well as the quality and size of the equipment.

Industrial dust systems should be designed specifically for your facility.

Every business is different, with a unique set of needs. A good industrial dust collection system will be designed specifically for your shop or warehouse, taking into account the size and layout of your shop, type of work being done, and the particulates you’re trying to collect. Your system should also be designed with future expansion in mind so that it can easily grow as your business grows.

Like your home heating and cooling system, an improperly sized dust collection system won’t effectively remove all of the particulates from the air, leading to poor air quality and potential health hazards. Additionally, an under-sized system will be overworked, causing frequent breakdowns and part replacements. A system that’s too large will be less energy efficient than a properly sized unit and end up costing you more money to operate.

A custom dust collection system with the help of the experts at Lapp Millwright will solve a variety of the problems native to store-bought or one-size-fits-all dust systems.

Equipment should be of the right quality.

When it comes to industrial dust collection, don’t cut corners. Your new equipment should be of the highest quality, from initial design to the individual components. Quality dust collection systems from trusted manufacturers and installed properly are engineered for easy maintenance and cleaning, with filters that can be quickly and easily changed when necessary, and durable parts that won’t fail when they need to do their best work.

Additionally, your system should be designed to minimize the amount of particulate that escapes during filter changes. A quality dust collection system will use an automated or semi-automated filter cleaning system, such as a reverse pulse jet, to clean filters without releasing a cloud of particulates back into the air.

Not every facility needs the absolute top-of-the-line equipment, however, and at Lapp Millwright we have the expertise and experience to know what solution will best serve your facility, your employees, and your customers.

For some smaller shops, an economical “once and done” solution may be right for your business. For larger manufacturers, a custom-designed solution might be the best bet. Don’t go it alone, Lapp can help.

Custom designed dust collection systems for businesses

Custom Dust Collection Systems For Businesses of All Sizes

Lapp Millwright has been in the business of designing and installing custom dust collection systems for over 6 years. We’ve seen firsthand how a quality system can dramatically improve both employee safety and the bottom line.

Our dust systems can help with particulate from a variety of manufacturing processes and products, including:

  • Dust collection for woodworking
  • Dust collection for metal grinding and finishing
  • Dust collection for welding
  • Dust collection for plastics manufacturing
  • Dust and particulate collection for painting and spray facilities
  • Dust collection for textiles
  • Dust collection for food and beverage processing
  • General purpose dust and particulate collection

We offer both custom and economy solutions for businesses of all sizes, from small shops to large industrial complexes. No job is too big or small for the team at Lapp Millwright. When you’re ready to improve the air quality in your facility and create a safer work environment, we’d love to connect.

How to Decide If You Need a
Central Dust Collection System

If you’re wondering whether it might be time for a dedicated dust collection system in your shop or large manufacturing facility, chances are your business could benefit. Here’s how to know if your businesses is ready for a dust collection system:

  • Do you have an employee or multiple employees cleaning up large amounts of dust or particulates from the floor and equipment daily?
  • Do you frequently have to shut down operations to clean equipment or areas of your facility affected by dust?
  • Do you worry about dust affecting the quality of your final product or finish?
  • Do you hear employees coughing or mentioning respiratory problems or other health conditions that could be aggravated by exposure to particulates?

The decision to install a dust collection system in your building or business isn’t about your business’ size or production volume––it’s about employee safety and bottom-line outcomes. Most manufacturers or craftsmen WILL benefit from a dust collection system. Let us help you find the right solution to fit your space and your budget.

Installing and Servicing Industrial Dust Collection Systems in Lancaster County and Northeast PA

When you’re ready to improve the air quality in your facility and start reaping the benefits of an industrial dust collection system, connect with the professionals at Lapp Millwright. Take the guesswork out of the health and safety of your employees and commit to a system that will benefit your business’ top and bottom lines for decades to come. We’ve been designing and installing custom dust collection systems to improve air quality in facilities like yours for over 6 years, and we’ll work with you to find the right solution at the right price. Get in touch by phone or with the web form below to get started.

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Industrial Collector Systems FAQs

It is a dust collector designed to withstand years of wear and tear while effectively filtering industrially produced dust and debris. Industrial dust collectors are constructed with longevity and efficient performance in mind.

There are three basic ways to collect dust:

  1. Cyclone
  2. Baghouse collector, which uses filter bags to clean the air.
  3. Cartridge collector, which uses pleated cartridge filters to filter the air. This is mainly used for fine dust, smoke, and fumes.

These baghouses are found in industries such as grain, seed, rubber, silica, feed, wood, and aggregate.

A fume extractor is not meant for dust; its filters are designed to capture fine smoke particulates and would clog up with dust such as sawdust. They are often not set up to move the amount of air that a dust collector would because it takes a lot less to handle smoke and fumes as opposed to dust. On the other hand, a dust collector is designed to handle bulk quantities of dust effectively. Its filters also would not be able to trap fine smoke and fume particulates.

Determine the size of the collector the customer needs, and we figure out the ductwork layout. Based on that, we calculate our price.

It really varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. It could be 3 days, weeks, or months.

Essentially, a dust extractor is an oversized shop vac. Overall, dimensionally, they are pretty much the same, but a dust extractor has higher CFMs and material handling capabilities.

One of the first things we like to do is schedule a site visit with the potential customer to meet them at the location where the new collector will be installed. We gather information about the building and machine layout and discuss all the options with the customer to ensure we are on the same page. We then provide a system quote that will work for the customer’s facility (which may include multiple options). Additionally, we create a system drawing to ensure mutual understanding with the potential customer. At that point, we review it with the customer and make any necessary changes to the layout and quote that may arise.

Dust Collector Services We Offer

Industrial Dust Systems

Have a 100% custom system designed for your manufacturing plant's machinery and needs.

Economy Dust Systems

Don't need something custom? We provide off-the-shelf systems for small and mid-sized spaces.

Smoke & Fume Collection

A series of filters and separators, combined with proper ductwork, means smoke and fumes are properly removed.

Industrial Filters

No matter what filtration your system needs, we will make sure it's properly maintained or replaced!

Service & Repairs

Get the experienced technicians and support you need when things aren't working properly or efficiently.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Avoid costly repairs and shop downtime with a regular maintenance program.

Ductwork Systems

It doesn't matter if it's a custom or standard design, we provide a full range of ductwork.

Bucket Elevators

We make moving storing and moving bulk product easy and convenient with a range of bucket elevators.

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