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When it comes to filters and filter materials for industrial and commercial applications, Lapp Millwright can help you get any filter you can think of.
We provide high-quality: 

  • Bag Filters
  • Cartridge Filters
  • Pleated Filters
  • Fiberglass Filters
  • … and more!

No matter what your filtration system calls for––and what you’re filtering––we stock common and atypical filters and filter materials from a variety of manufacturers––we even do custom filters! We service almost any brand of filtration or collection system out there, and if needed, we even do filter changes in our service region.

Not sure exactly what you need or where to get the right filter for your system?

Lapp Millwright is a phonecall away with the service and installation experience to find and deliver your filter in no time.
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Filters are the hidden workhorses of many industrial and commercial facilities.

From one-man woodworking shops to large-scale manufacturing companies, quality filtration and collection systems keep things running efficiently day and night. As any health expert or quality control professional will explain, efficient and effective filters are critical to the operation of many businesses these days.

Most of our filter sales are in air filtration systems, including collectors, bag-houses, downdraft tables, and other commercial applications. We understand how important it is to have the right filter for your filtration system, and we know that sometimes finding a replacement filter (particularly for older machinery) can be a struggle.

A properly-fitted air filter, no matter the type, will remove particulate from the air stream and improve the quality of your indoor air. It’s not only important for the health of your employees, but also for the quality of your finished product.

The right air filter for your dust or fume collection system will:

Improve air quality

An air filter can remove particulates, contaminants, and other pollutants from the air. This is critical to employee health (and many regional or federal regulators) as it can help to reduce respiratory problems and other illnesses.

Extend the life of your equipment

By keeping air clean in your facility, the right air filter can help extend the life of your collection system and manufacturing machinery in your shop. This means less money spent on repairs and replacements over time.

Allow you to operate more efficiently

When your collection system doesn't have to work as hard to filter out contaminants or pollutants, it operates more efficiently. The right filter can save you money on energy costs in the long run, as well as machine maintenance and wear-and-tear.

Maintain finished product quality

By keeping the air in your shop or factory clean, you can help to maintain the quality of your finished products. For instance, dust and fine particles can settle on drying or recently coated products, affecting sheen and paint quality. Uncaptured fumes can cause staining and damage to your building, equipment, and even finished products. This is important for both customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Increase employee productivity.

When employees are comfortable and not worried about respiratory problems, they're able to work with peace of mind. The knowledge that you're as committed to their health as they are can go a long way in supporting employee satisfaction. Additionally, many air collection or filtration systems reduce employee labor spent cleaning manually. This can lead to increased productivity in your shop, improving your bottom line.

The benefits of a properly functioning air filter in your collection system are clear. By improving air quality, you’re doing more than just keeping your space safe: you’re improving your business’ bottom line.

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Choosing The Right Industrial Filter May Be Easier Than You Think

We offer a wide variety of filters from many manufacturers. What’s more, our team of highly trained professionals are experts at servicing and changing filters on all types of systems, and we’re standing by to answer your pressing questions. What’s the right filter for your dust collection system or air collector?

The better question is what's the right filter system.

Lapp Millwright has been installing and servicing industrial filters for many years, and more than once we’ve encountered overworked (and even underworked) filters and air handling systems that simply aren’t able to handle the facility size and particulate being collected.
Your equipment will dictate the right filter size and shape, though filter material and quality can vary by manufacturer (that’s where Lapp Millwright can help).
But more important is that your system is actually designed and sized to handle your space!
And under-sized air handling system with an undersized filter will:

  • Be overworked, putting unnecessary strain on your equipment and causing additional or accelerated wear-and-tear
  • Not do its job, failing to capture enough particulate to make a difference or simply letting too much particulate through the filter. This can ultimately lead to product quality or health issues.
  • Be unsafe for you and your employees, potentially leading to respiratory issues and even exposure for you or your business to liability risk.


Lapp Millwright has not only the experience to help you get the right filter and filter material for your system, but we have the expertise to help you assess your current equipment. When you work with Lapp, you’re working not just with an industrial filter company, but with air handler designers, engineers, and installers.Our team has the answers. Get an industrial filter expert on your side with Lapp Millwright.

What Are The Best Filter Materials For Air Filtration?

A wide variety of filter materials are available on the market today. Which filter material is best for you will depend on your machinery and application.
The most common types of filter media used in industrial applications are:


Polyester filters are effective at capturing large particulates, making them ideal for pre-filtration or general purpose filtration, including sawdust. They're also washable and reusable, which can save money in the long run.


Nylon filters are often used as a second stage of filtration after a polyester filter. They're able to capture smaller particulate than polyester, but they're not as durable and may need to be replaced more often.


Fiberglass filters are inexpensive and about as effective as polyester at catching larger particulate, though they need to be replaced more often. They're not as effective at capturing small particles as pleated paper filters.

Pleated paper

Pleated paper filters are ideal for high efficiency filtration, and these are the filters you may be most familiar with. They can capture very small particulate, but need to be replaced frequently.

Lapp Millwright carries a wide variety of filter media, sizes, and depths from many manufacturers. When it comes to ordering a new filter, the team at Lapp Millwright can can help you make the right decision.

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Common Questions About Industrial Filters

It is cleaning the air of industrially produced dust. It is the way of dividing the equipment standard between equipment built for residential homes and industrial manufacturing. So, its filtration equipment is built for enduring hours and years of wear and tear.

There is no one best filter for everything, so this is tough to answer. It is important to know your dust type to answer that question, as there are many filter material types and finishes.

An air purifier is built to clean ambient air of microscopic dust, viruses, bacteria, as well as large amounts of dust, smoke, and fumes.

Depending on the type of dust, it could be put in the landfill, burned for heat, turned into wood pellets for heat, or used for bedding!

As a standard, it uses bag filters and pleated cartridges. Now, both of these filters can be made in a lot of different styles, using different materials and finishes.

Installing and Servicing Industrial Filters in Lancaster County and Northeast PA

Lapp Millwright has been helping business owners get the right filtration system and the right filters for many years. Our team has deep experience in the design and install of air filter and dust collection systems, and we’d love to connect to help you get the right filter for your application. Call today to learn more and get your filter ordered in no time.

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