Economy Dust Collection Systems

Off-the-shelf economy dust collectors and filtration systems for small and mid-size spaces

When you work in an industry that produces a lot of dust and particulate matter, you are consistently at risk of inhaling it, which can cause side effects like asthma attacks, a persistent cough, and sneezing. In severe cases, you can even develop lung disease.

Our dust collection systems remove excess dust and dirt from your air to improve air quality and decrease health risks. They use a series of filters and separators to clear the air, trapping the dust and releasing the clean air back into your workspace.

Economy dust collection system

We can ship PARTS and FILTERS for almost any brand of Economy dust collector.

We can DESIGN and CUSTOMIZE a dust collector for small and large projects.

We offer complete system MAINTENANCE by trained personnel.

We offer custom Economy dust collection system INSTALLATION for all sizes.

High-Performance Woodshop Dust Collectors

Eliminating dust in your small woodshop or manufacturing facility doesn’t have to be a major capital expense. 

 Lapp Millwright has worked hard to engineer our Economy line of dust collectors for growing businesses with the same attention to detail, precision planning, and exacting dust removal capabilities as customers expect from our industrial-sized dust systems

For small businesses looking for their first dust collector, or those upgrading from small extractors, our Model 2500 and Model 4950S are the perfect solution.

If you care about health & safety, making your team more efficient, and the quality of your finished product, our Economy Line of dust collectors is for you. 

Benefits of Lapp Millwright’s
Economy Dust Collectors:

Low-cost and great value

Unit can be placed indoors or outdoors

Quiet operation

Low-maintenance and easy to understand

Easy to set up yourself

We Make Efficient Economy Dust Collection Simple

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Free Estimate

Tell us your needs and what you want to accomplish with your plant.

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We provide a preliminary design & estimate customized to your plant.


When approved, our team builds and fabricates your system.


Our team installs the system, and your team enjoys a high-quality dust collection system!

The Lapp Millwright Economy Line of Dust Collectors

Get the engineering and installation expertise of our deeply experienced team without the price tag of an industrial baghouse system. Whether you’re sawing, routing, or sanding, Lapp Millwright’s Economy Line can handle a wide range of applications that produce particulate and debris, with a value package perfect for growing businesses.

Dust collection system model 2500

Model 2500 Economy Dust Collector

  • 2500CFM - air to media ratio 11.97
  • 2 saw dust collection bags
  • Heavy-duty 1/4", 3/16" 10 ga. steel frame and fan construction
  • Twenty eight (28) beane material filter bags
  • 10" inlet
  • 101" high, 96" length (w/blower) x 40" wide, 47" to top of inlet.
  • Total CFM - 2500
  • Total sq. ft. of filter media - 209.8 sq. ft.
  • Total weight of unit - 600 lb.
  • 2780 CFM at 6 lbs. static/5100FPM
Model 4950 dust collection system

Model 4950S Economy Dust Collector

  • 4950CFM - air to media ratio 12.28
  • 3 saw dust collection bags
  • Heavy-duty 3/16" 12 ga. steel frame and fan construction
  • 54 beane material filter bags
  • 16" inlet
  • 108” high, 136” length (w/blower) x 60” wide, 52" to top of inlet.
  • Total CFM - 4950
  • Total sq. ft. of filter media - 403 sq. ft.
  • Total weight of unit - 900 lb.
  • 5581 CFM at 8 lbs. static/4575FPM

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Economy Dust Collector Upgrades

Dust Collector Enclosure Package for Exterior Use

A 100% watertight enclosure for outdoor placement. All exposed hardware is sealed with rubber washers.
  • 2500 Enclosure Kit
  • 4950 Enclosure Kit
Controls for industrial dust collection equipment.

Dust Collector Control Panel

Adding a control panel makes operating your dust collector easier and more convenient with every function in one central switch panel. Automate your shaker, add a timer, and make maintenance a breeze with this simple upgrade.
  • Sealed steel enclosure
  • Locking disconnect handle on door
  • Contactor and combination disconnect/OL/breaker
  • Contactor and overload for .75HP shaker motor
  • Off-delay control for shaker (10-min max)
  • Lighted automated/off/manual selector switch for shaker (in Auto, shaker runs after the collector fan stops)
  • Terminals for external safety
  • Full wiring diagrams and instructions
  • Motor fault light
lappmillwright 23
Dust collection system.

Dump Hopper EZ Seal Kit

The EZ Seal Kit provides a seamless, airtight connection between the bottom of your dust collector and the top of your dump hopper. Keep dust and particulate where it belongs with our EZ Seal Kit.
  • 2500 EZ Seal Kit
  • 4950S EZ Seal Kit
lappmillwright 24

Dust Collector EZ Dump Hoppers

Custom-built with EZ-drop bottom dumping floor for operation from the forklift seat and sized for our Economy line, these dump hoppers are just one more way to streamline your operation and make regular maintenance a breeze. Dump dust and debris collected by your 2500 or 4950S with your shop’s forklift.

EZ-Drop bottom dumping door operates from forklift seat
Viewing/access window
Durable powder coat finish
Self-latching door
Rolling caster wheels
EZ-Latch sealing mechanism
Forklift pockets
  • 2500 standard dump hopper (3⁄4-yard)
  • 4950S dump hopper (1 3⁄4-yard)
  • 4950S dump hopper (4-yard)
  • 4950S dump hopper (6-yard)
Economy dust collector shaker.

Dust Collector Shaker

Increase filter bag life and collector performance with this automated shaker. The shaker upgrade works on a timer or automatically when the collector is shut down at the end of the workday to shake your filter bags for 3-5 minutes. knocking dust from the interior of bags to restore suction, reduce regular maintenance manpower, and extend bag life. Filter bags used with the shaker are made with reinforced snap bands to securely fit in the shake plate, creating minimal bag wear and maximum clean-out performance.
  • 2500 shaker, (electric 1-phase motor)
  • 2500 shaker (electric 3-phase motor)
  • 2500 shaker (air motor)
  • 4950S shaker (electric 1-phase motor)
  • 4950S shake (electric 3-phase motor)
  • 4950S shaker (air motor)


  • Collection bags
  • Collection bags (box of 65)
  • Anti-static Beane filter bags (6”x57”)
  • Anti-static Beane filter bags with center snap ring for shaker application (6”x57”)

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Installing and Servicing Economy Dust Collection Systems in Lancaster County and Northeast PA

When you’re ready to improve the air quality in your facility and start reaping the benefits of an economy dust collection system, connect with the professionals at Lapp Millwright. Take the guesswork out of the health and safety of your employees and commit to a system that will benefit your business’ top and bottom lines for decades to come. We’ve been designing and installing custom dust collection systems to improve air quality in facilities like yours for over 6 years, and we’ll work with you to find the right solution at the right price. Get in touch by phone or with the web form below to get started.

Free dust collection system quotes

Ongoing service contracts to make maintenance and repair hassle-free

Design and installation expertise to help you find the best solution for your space

Experience with a variety of dust collection equipment manufacturers, including standard economy or large-scale custom systems

Dust Collector Services We Offer

Industrial Dust Systems

Have a 100% custom system designed for your manufacturing plant's machinery and needs.

Economy Dust Systems

Don't need something custom? We provide off-the-shelf systems for small and mid-sized spaces.

Smoke & Fume Collection

A series of filters and separators, combined with proper ductwork, means smoke and fumes are properly removed.

Industrial Filters

No matter what filtration your system needs, we will make sure it's properly maintained or replaced!

Service & Repairs

Get the experienced technicians and support you need when things aren't working properly or efficiently.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Avoid costly repairs and shop downtime with a regular maintenance program.

Ductwork Systems

It doesn't matter if it's a custom or standard design, we provide a full range of ductwork.

Bucket Elevators

We make moving storing and moving bulk product easy and convenient with a range of bucket elevators.

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