Ventilation Ductwork

Are you facing challenges with your industrial ductwork systems? Have you noticed efficiency loss due to leaks, contamination risks, or costly downtime? Don’t stress! We provide ductwork solutions that enhance performance, durability, and regulatory compliance.

Our comprehensive services encompass repairs, replacements, and innovative installations. We include add-ons and seamless 3D design.

A few signs that you need new ductwork include,

  • Wear from dust and debris erosion
  • Rust holes from outdoor exposure
  • Visible cracks due to vibrations


These compromise your current system and only make things more expensive to repair later on. 

Leaking, worn-out, or patched ducts lead to loss of suction and unwanted dust buildup. This requires extra cleaning and potential downtime. Additionally, inadequate ductwork can cause serious damage, necessitating shutdowns and incurring costly downtime.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! If you know you’re current ductwork is wearing out, it’s worth making the investment sooner rather than later.

Learn how ventilation ductwork can transform your business by calling Lapp Millwright today.

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What Kinds of Benefits Come from Ventilation Ductwork?

New ventilation ductwork enhances workplace performance, reduces operational costs, and ensures cleaner air quality. Not only that, but it also helps businesses maintain compliance with industry regulations.
There are a variety of ways installing new ductwork is worth the investment. Let’s look at them more closely.

Safety Benefits of Ventilation Ductwork

Elimination of Leaks and Contaminants

Properly installed ductwork eliminates leaks, preventing the escape of air and contaminants. This maintains a cleaner environment and improves air quality.

Regulatory Compliance

Quality sealed ductwork aids in meeting NFPA compliance by minimizing dust buildup, contributing to a safer and regulation-compliant workplace.

Quality and Cost-Saving Advantages from Ventilation Ductwork

Long-Lasting Durability

New ductwork offers longevity, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and ensuring sustained performance over time.

Optimized Airflow and Suction

New ductwork design ensures maximum airflow with minimal resistance, enhancing suction power and overall system efficiency.

Cost-Efficient ROI

Investing in new ductwork prevents loss of suction due to leaks or worn-out components, ultimately saving on energy costs and reducing the need for maintenance.

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Custom duct work

What to look for when considering new ventilation ductwork

Recognizing the need for new ductwork involves observing telltale signs. If your ducts show wear from abrasive dust and dirt, develop rust holes outdoors, or display visible cracks due to vibrations, replacement might be necessary.

When considering a replacement, prioritize factors such as,

  • Ductwork thickness
  • Material compatibility


The material you handle dictates the gauge or thickness required. Opt for ductwork designed for material handling. Alternatives like PVC, HVAC ducts, or stove pipe extensions are inefficient and susceptible to rapid wear. Careful consideration ensures your replacement ductwork delivers durability, optimal performance, and longevity. This will provide an effective solution tailored to your specific needs.

Custom Ventilation Ductwork for a Variety of Business Needs

Lapp Millwright offers a range of essential ductwork services tailored to whatever your business needs:

  • Replacement parts
  • Entire new duct packages
  • Ductwork additions
  • New machine hook-ups
  • Flexible installation options


Our expertise extends to 3D ductwork design and custom duct parts, ensuring a precise fit for optimal performance. Dust collection ductwork, typically crafted from galvanized steel, varies in thickness based on application.

When it comes to maintenance, we don’t advise DIY repairs using standard HVAC ducts because of how they tend to wear. Instead, we recommend professionally matched duct solutions for durable, efficient results.

Regular servicing is vital. Daily inspections for wear and tear help identify issues early, preventing costly downtime.

To extend ductwork lifespan, employ long radius elbows and appropriate thicknesses, mitigating damage.

Count on Lapp Millwright for both duct sizing and installation expertise. Proper sizing ensures a balanced system, avoiding efficiency and suction losses caused by improper setups.

Installing and Servicing Ventilation Ductwork in Lancaster County and Northeast PA

When it’s time to enhance the air quality within your premises and experience the advantages of a high-quality ventilation ductwork system, reach out to the experts at Lapp Millwright. Say goodbye to uncertainties regarding your employees’ well-being and embrace a solution that will positively impact both your business’s performance and financial outcomes for years ahead. With a proven track record of designing and implementing tailored ventilation ductwork systems, we’ve been dedicated to improving air quality in facilities like yours for more than 6 years. Let us collaborate with you to identify the perfect fit at the right value. Contact us through the button below to embark on this journey.

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