NFPA Compliance

Having a dust collector system that is not NFPA compliant runs several risks:

  1. Safety Issues: It makes situations more dangerous. NFPA standards help prevent accidents and fires. Not following them can cause harm to people, property, and the environment.
  2. Legal Problems: You might face fines or other legal actions for not following NFPA rules. Authorities might check for compliance and take action if you’re not following the standards.
  3. Insurance Trouble: Insurance companies want you to follow safety rules like NFPA’s. If you don’t, they might not cover accidents or might make you pay more for coverage.
  4. Bad Reputation: Not sticking to safety standards can harm your reputation. People might see you as careless and not trustworthy.
  5. Business Disruption: Authorities might stop your business until you meet NFPA rules. This can disrupt your business, cost you money, and hurt your income.
  6. More Responsibility: If not following NFPA rules leads to problems, you might be held more responsible and could be sued.


Basically, not following NFPA standards isn’t just unsafe – it can also lead to legal, money, and reputation problems for you or your business. Let us help you get your system up to code!

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What Kinds of Benefits Come from Becoming NFPA Compliant?

When considering NFPA compliance, there are several key advantages to keep in mind. First and foremost, ensuring compliance means your business operates within legal boundaries. This minimizes the risk of fines and penalties.
Additional benefits of becoming NFPA compliant include,

Improved insurance rates

Most insurance companies recognize and reward businesses that prioritize safety measures.

A safer work environment

Becoming NFPA compliant means you create a safer environment for both your employees and your business as a whole by preventing hazards and creating a secure working environment.

We Make Becoming NFPA Compliant Simple

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When approved, our team builds and fabricates your system to be NFPA compliant.


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Helping businesses of all types become NFPA Compliant

Lapp Millwright helps various businesses achieve NFPA compliance, especially those handling combustible dust. We’re experienced across industries, tackling specific challenges of different dust types. These industries include:

  • Food-related establishments handling flours, sugars, and spices
  • Agriculture and grain industries working with materials like wheat and soybeans
  • Metal-related sectors dealing with dust from aluminum, iron, and zinc
  • Woodworking facilities, including those with sawdust and paper-based dusts
  • Businesses working with plastics, chemicals, and coal


Our services also cover textile, biosolid, soap, and pet food industries. We partner with businesses to identify combustible dust risks, design tailored safety plans, and provide installation for NFPA compliance. We are dedicated to create safe workplaces across sectors. Safety is our priority.

How We Make Your System NFPA Compliant

Our services cater to achieving NFPA compliance in various ways. We specialize in spark detection and offer equipment and installation solutions to ensure your facility meets safety standards.

If your dust collection system isn’t NFPA compliant, our process involves understanding the local code requirements from your administrators. We will provide a quote for the necessary equipment and proceed with installation if you choose us.

Existing systems can often be adapted to meet NFPA compliance without a full replacement. While modifications like rerouting ductwork may be necessary to align with NFPA codes, we strive to optimize your current setup for safety and adherence to regulations.

NFPA Compliance in Lancaster County and Northeast PA

When you’re ready to enhance safety at your premises and ensure dependable NFPA Compliance, reach out to Lapp Millwright. Say goodbye to uncertainties about employee well-being and welcome a solution that improves operational efficiency and financial outcomes. With a history of tailored NFPA Compliance strategies spanning over 6 years, we’re committed to boosting safety in facilities like yours. Let us partner with you to find the best solution. Contact us by clicking the button below to begin this journey.

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