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Industrial Dust Collector Systems & Service In Mechanicsburg, PA

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Say goodbye to an outdated or inefficient dust system for your Mechanicsburg business!

Dust collection system on an industrial building.

Is your manufacturing or woodworking facility struggling with the following?

  • The existing dust or smoke collector isn’t working properly.
  • Your employees are complaining about dust or ventilation issues.
  • It’s time to expand but your current dust system is already maxed out.
  • You know you aren’t NFPA compliant.

We design, build, and service custom dust systems for any manufacturing plant in Mechanicsburg to help your business grow with complete peace of mind!

Dust Collector Services We Offer In Mechanicsburg

Industrial Dust Systems

Have a 100% custom system designed for your manufacturing plant's machinery and needs.

Economy Dust Systems

Don't need something custom? We provide off-the-shelf systems for small and mid-sized spaces.

Smoke & Fume Collection

A series of filters and separators, combined with proper ductwork, means smoke and fumes are properly removed.

Industrial Filters

No matter what filtration your system needs, we will make sure it's properly maintained or replaced!

Service & Repairs

Get the experienced technicians and support you need when things aren't working properly or efficiently.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Avoid costly repairs and shop downtime with a regular maintenance program.

Ductwork Systems

It doesn't matter if it's a custom or standard design, we provide a full range of ductwork.

Bucket Elevators

We make moving storing and moving bulk product easy and convenient with a range of bucket elevators.

We Make Efficient Dust & Fume Collection Simple

Get A
Free Estimate

Tell us your needs and what you want to accomplish with your plant.

& Proposal

We provide a preliminary design & estimate customized to your plant.


When approved, our team builds and fabricates your system.


Our team installs the system, and your team enjoys a high-quality dust collection system!

Why Choose Lapp Millwright?

With over 20+ years of experience and located in the heart of Southeast PA, Lapp Millwright has the experience, team, and credentials to make sure your collector & ventilation systems are efficient and working properly. 

Here’s our team makes your project a success:

  • Knowledgeable team that listens to your needs and provides solutions
  • Ability to size and scope any system size – complete with an engineer’s stamp
  • 2-year warranty on equipment
  • We fix any mistakes we make and ensure your system runs as designed
  • Customer service that treats you like a person with returned phone calls and answered questions 
Lapp Millwright technicians on site

Satisfied Customers Say:

Industrial Collector Systems FAQs

It is a dust collector designed to withstand years of wear and tear while effectively filtering industrially produced dust and debris. Industrial dust collectors are constructed with longevity and efficient performance in mind.

There are three basic ways to collect dust:

  1. Cyclone
  2. Baghouse collector, which uses filter bags to clean the air.
  3. Cartridge collector, which uses pleated cartridge filters to filter the air. This is mainly used for fine dust, smoke, and fumes.

These baghouses are found in industries such as grain, seed, rubber, silica, feed, wood, and aggregate.

A fume extractor is not meant for dust; its filters are designed to capture fine smoke particulates and would clog up with dust such as sawdust. They are often not set up to move the amount of air that a dust collector would because it takes a lot less to handle smoke and fumes as opposed to dust. On the other hand, a dust collector is designed to handle bulk quantities of dust effectively. Its filters also would not be able to trap fine smoke and fume particulates.

Determine the size of the collector the customer needs, and we figure out the ductwork layout. Based on that, we calculate our price.

It really varies depending on the size and complexity of the project. It could be 3 days, weeks, or months.

Essentially, a dust extractor is an oversized shop vac. Overall, dimensionally, they are pretty much the same, but a dust extractor has higher CFMs and material handling capabilities.

One of the first things we like to do is schedule a site visit with the potential customer to meet them at the location where the new collector will be installed. We gather information about the building and machine layout and discuss all the options with the customer to ensure we are on the same page. We then provide a system quote that will work for the customer’s facility (which may include multiple options). Additionally, we create a system drawing to ensure mutual understanding with the potential customer. At that point, we review it with the customer and make any necessary changes to the layout and quote that may arise.

Dust collection system on an industrial building.

Your Local Mechanicsburg Dust Collector Experts!

If you are a manufacturing facility located in Mechanicsburg, PA, you may be worried that your dust collection system is not working properly, is undersized for your operation, or is not NFPA compliant. 

At Lapp Millwright, we design and build custom-built, high-efficiency industrial dust and smoke collector systems that are fully NFPA compliant and provide true peace of mind.

Nestled within the picturesque embrace of Cumberland Valley, Mechanicsburg, PA, is a town that dances between the pages of history and the beats of modern progress. With rolling landscapes providing a scenic backdrop, this community-centric enclave offers a charming haven for both residents and those seeking a delightful escape. Rooted in a rich history of industry and ingenuity, Mechanicsburg stands as a testament to the seamless fusion of tradition and contemporary living.

The top ten attractions in Mechanicsburg, PA, include:

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  • Bowmansdale Stoner House: An impeccably preserved historic residence, unraveling tales of the town's yesteryears.
  • Union Church and Graveyard: An atmospheric ensemble of a historic church and centuries-old burial ground.
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Founded in 1828, Mechanicsburg's historical narrative intertwines with the growth of the Cumberland Valley Railroad and the town's supportive role in neighboring military establishments. The town today boasts a vibrant community, embodying a diverse population that cherishes its historical roots. Mechanicsburg's downtown exudes character, with well-preserved architecture serving as a living testament to its storied past.

Mechanicsburg's economic canvas paints a harmonious picture, balancing its industrial legacy with a spectrum of contemporary enterprises. From bustling small businesses to robust manufacturing and service sectors, the town thrives. Positioned strategically with easy access to major transportation routes, Mechanicsburg continues to attract businesses, fostering growth while maintaining a close-knit community spirit.

Calling all shop owners in Mechanicsburg, PA! Lapp Millwright warmly invites you to explore our distinctive millwright services. Anchored in a commitment to excellence, our adept team ensures the seamless operation of your business. Tailored solutions from Lapp Millwright are crafted to elevate your efficiency and productivity. Reach out to us today, and let us become a vital part of the success story of your enterprise.

We serve all zip codes and surrounding cities of Mechanicsburg, including:

17011, 17013, 17015

Camp Hill, Enola, Lemoyne, New Cumberland

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